Copyrights Registration

Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creators of Artistic, Literary, Musical, Dramatic and Cinematographic works original work exclusive rights to its use and delivery, A person who created the copyrighted work is lawfully acceptable to reproduce, perform or exhibition it, issue copies of it, create differences of it, any illegal use of these rights is called “Copyright violation”. It’s actionable by law.

Copyright registrations are valid for 60 years and life time of the author artist work who created.
  • Artistic works 
    e.g. Paintings, a sculpture, a photograph, a diagrams, a logos, an work of architecture.
  • Literary works
    e.g. Books, poems, song lyrics, computer programs manuals, databases.
  • Dramatic works
    e.g. Plays, dance, and mime.
  • Musical works
    e.g. operatic works, songs, melodies, symphonies.
Copyright Registration of Profits
  • Copyright protection provides profits in the form of financial right which allows the creators to control use their literary, artist, musical dramatic and cinematographic.
  • Registration a Copyright will create a public record showing you as the owner.
  • In case of copyright infringement, a registered Copyright will become the indication you need to prove your ownership.
  • You can license your work and charge fees for the use of your work.
  • Protection is the final reason for registration Copyright.


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