Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration A trademark provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive right to use it to identify goods or services, or to authorize another to use it in return for payment. The period of protection varies, but a trademark can be renewed indefinitely beyond the time limit on payment of additional fees. Trademark protection is enforced by the courts, which in most systems have the authority to block trademark infringement.

In a larger sense, trademarks promote initiative and enterprise worldwide by rewarding the owners of trademarks with recognition and financial profit. Trademark protection also hinders the efforts of unfair competitors, such as counterfeiters, to use similar distinctive signs to market inferior or different products or services. The system enables people with skill and enterprise to produce and market goods and services in the fairest possible conditions, thereby facilitating international trade.

Importance & Advantages of Trademark Registration

1. Defensive: Avoiding Unwelcome Change

Changing the name of a company especially when you have built up a good reputation is a difficult and costly task. It can take significant marketing pounds to rebuild a renamed brand.  When a logo, symbol or name is unregistered there is always the risk that another business may register it and cause significant difficulties perhaps by legally attempt to prevent your business operating or expanding under that name.

2. Positive: Building value

Because of the above investors for security reasons will always look at whether a business has trademarked its name, key products or services. Doing so is certain to positively impact the perceived value of the business and aid clarity in any merger or franchising of the business.

3. Positive: Protection

Ensuring your business is appropriately protected against competition. Unauthorised parties who use your trademark without authorisation can damage your brand, your reputation and your business, but they are often in a legally weak position and can be prevented from causing damage relatively easily. So in effect you are building a barrier to entry around your brand which will make it harder for any other business to attempt to imitate you.

It is important therefore that your business is appropriately protected firstly in the countries it operates in or intends to operate in, and secondly protected in the correct classes of service or products you provide.

Trademark Registration Process - Complete Process
The process starts with Trademark
  • Primarily search for any similar or identical name with the Govt Trademark database
  • Apply for Registration before Trademark registry
  • Application will be Scrutinized by Govt officials
  • Application will be Published in Trademark Journal
  • Finally the application is Registered and Provided with a Registration Certificate
  • Time period for registration varies from 2 to 3 years based on various factors.
  • Trademark renewal from registration it is valid for 10 years and has to be renewed once in every 10 years


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